Sustainable Career Compass

Level up your Impact! 

Align your sustainable ambitions with the purposeful sustainable career you desire, in 7 weeks.

Leverage your existing skills and channel them into a career path that aligns with your sustainable vision.

Stop leaving your sustainable values at home and take purposeful action guided by the powerful inner sustainable career compass that will make it easy for you to make meaningful and empowered decisions in your career.

The SCC is for you if…

... at least one of the sentences below resonates with you:

Feeling frustrated at work

You experience unfulfillment and a part of you knows that this is not really it.

Making daily compromises

You are constantly on the search for a better job and don’t feel settled in your position.

Resigned in your tasks

A part of you has already resigned from your job, and you don’t feel like you want to involve yourself any further than necessary.

Needing to know more before making sustainability part of your career

You believe you need to gain more knowledge or certificates before you can make sustainability part of your career.

Feeling stuck where you are at

You are trying to find your career path for a while now but no matter what you try it all feels not right.

Being the only one who cares

You feel like you’re the only one who cares about sustainability at your workplace.

Not being fully you at work

You can’t make use of all your skills, interests, and talents within the position that you’re in at the moment.

Trouble talking about your sustainable perspective

You don’t know how to communicate your sustainable vision, but you know that there is something more within you – you want to make an impact!

Sounds as if we are talking about you here – doesn’t it?

This is everyting there is for you - and more!

As a young professional you have the majority of your career still in front of you, so uncovering and further building your sustainable values is essential to know what you really want. In the 7 weeks, you will connect your values with your existing skillset and area of expertise – enabling you to up-level the sustainable impact you can have.

By stepping into your purpose, you will find your place in the business world that truly feels like you – no more endless compromises. You will know your inner compass and you can start to walk towards the future you truly desire – step into the change-making sustainable professional you know you can be.

Becoming a Simply Impacter will change you.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above – all we can say is:

Good – good that you see that you are not good. And great that you are here!

We can ensure you that after the 7 weeks, having your Sustainable Career Compass in place and showing up as a Simply Impacter you will see a clear change.

You will have a clear vision of your future sustainable career.

You know how your sustainable vision looks like and how to communicate it.

You will feel completely supported and connected with other impacters.

You feel supported and part of a strong community of like-minded people.

You will be able to make aligned sustainable actions.

You feel empowered to make sustainable decisions and take action.

You will know what you want and how you can use your skill set for sustainable impact.

You can easily communicate your strengths and skills concerning your workplace and sustainable career.

After the 7 weeks in the Sustainable Career Compass, you will feel empowered on your sustainable drive and more confident in your sustainable career.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel:

aligned, supported, part of a strong community, able to take action, empowered, happy, clear, put together, organized, in control of your next steps, accelerated, and fully ready to step in the next level of your career.

You will be ready to go above and beyond! Sounds amazing – right?

What our SCC Participants say:


The SCC is about getting to know yourself better, what you want to do in your future career and all that in connection with sustainability. It helps you figure out what impact you want to or can make and challenges you to take the next steps. On the way you will be accompanied by many like-minded people who support you and share your ideas, values and passion, which gives you a view on different perspectives and leaves room for inspiring discussions.


The course exceeded my expectations. It was very well set up! The announced doors that were opened were actually closed again. gMoreover, the group dynamics worked well and were motivating. Especially the calls with the others were a good tool to rephrase your thoughts again and again and to make them more tangible. Also very good that real life was always included from the start (using the Linkedin challenges).


Céline & Julia bring all their positivity and kindness to this course. They facilitate this course in a wonderful way with a lot of empathy, curiosity and inspiration. With this course they have created a safe space, always making sure everybody feels comfortable. Still they know exactly how to gently push you in the direction of taking action towards a sustainable career. This course is a wonderful journey – full of inspiration and connection – towards finding a career that truly fits you and your needs. It teaches you how to get deeply rooted in your own sustainable values and how to grow from there.


The SCC is a great program to not only discover how you want to create sustainable impact in your career, but also to discover who you are and what you actually want. The program not only helps you design your pathway to changing the world from the inside out, but challenges you to think bigger and builds your confidence. I realized ‚little me‘ could make an impact and start changing the world for the better. You don’t need to be an expert on sustainability to join the course, all you need is sustainable values and a desire to make a difference.


The course has been deeply insightful for me. I am still surprised by how much clarity it brought me and how easily it was possible to work through such a difficult topic as what I want in my career. You really did a great job guiding us through the process with your challenges, live meetings, and podcasts. Your course is powerful and life-changing.


It was a great course! Thank you for pouring your energy into it. You are really on to something and your energies fit together perfectly! You were speaking from the heart yourself, which made it easier for all of us to be honest and discover what we really want 🙂