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The Sustainable Career Compass

Make your sustainable values the centerpiece of your career

Take purposeful action guided by your powerful sustainable career compass

Leverage your existing skills and channel them into a career path that aligns with your sustainable vision

The SCC in a Nutshell

  • 8 weeks Online Course Experience
  • Weekly Live Zoom Group Sessions
  • Impact Podcasts, Workbook, Daily Impact Challenges 
  • Growing international community of Simply Impacters
  • Expand your understanding of sustainability
  • Learn to apply your knowledge to create real impact
  • Become the Sustainable Professional that you know you are

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The SCC in Detail

Julia describes the Sustainable Career Compass and everything you need to know about it.

The Sustainable Career Compass is building on a framework of 3 steps that lead the way towards the sustainable impact career you desire. It is a journey that will light up your impact spark. Step by step you will gain more clarity on how your path towards a sustainable career will look like. In 8 weeks we will create your sustainable compass that allows you to navigate the pathway towards impact with ease.

Let’s take a first look at the steps to come:

  1. To fully take off we must first check in and get a sense of where we are at. We will start with a discovery journey within – to understand you.
  2. In the next step, it is crucial to get a sense of the location around us. We will build a full picture of the space around us – to understand what kind of impact you want to make.
  3. We start to take aligned purposeful action once we decide on a cause of action – to fully level up your impact.

P.S.: You are not alone – we, and multiple other impacters have been there too. This is why we know that taking these 3 steps will move you forward. Consider us as your tour guides along your journey. We’re rooting for you – you got this!

As a young professional you have the majority of your career still in front of you, so uncovering and further building your sustainable values is essential to know what you really want. In the 8 weeks, you will connect your values with your existing skillset and area of expertise – enabling you to up-level the sustainable impact you can have.

By stepping into your purpose, you will find your place in the business world that truly feels like you – no more endless compromises. You will know your inner compass and you can start to walk towards the future you truly desire – step into the change-making sustainable professional you know you can be.

Here you can see how the Chapters of the Journey align together:

Chapter #0 - Welcome Simply Impacters

Get a first orientation and set the place for the amazing transformation that we will create together. Get to know your fellow impacters and take a look at the road ahead. Set a first foundation and a clear intention of what you want to achieve in the next 8 weeks. This session will give you a boost to sit yourself down in the driver’s seat and accelerate on the road towards the impact you want to create.

We will check the equipment that will be part of your journey. You will gain a solid understanding of how to navigate within the compass, and you will create a plan for the next steps.

Also, you will get to know us – Céline & Julia. You can consider us your water along the way – as your tour guides we make sure everything keeps flowing.

[You will get: Impact Partner, Overview Roadmap, Technical Set-up, Intention Setting]

Chapter #1 - Status-quo & Gap-analysis

Find out where you are right now in order to know where you are about to go. Like, on all long journeys it is essential to know from where you are starting, that’s why we’ll get a good grasp on the kind of environment you are in right now. Moreover, it is of importance to know what kind of exact equipment you have with you already.

Elements included:

Space for Impact

Impact is about YOU!

Simply Impacter

Your Impact Report.

[What we will work with: NLP Techniques; Career Journey Map; Gap analysis; Simply Impact Attitude; Life design]

Chapter #2 - Check-in with yourself

You will get a clear overview of the brilliant resources, skills, strengths, and creativity that you own to make an impact – (be open to being surprised) they are bigger than you might think. This personal deep-dive prepares you for the upcoming steps. Moreover, you will discover the power of your own sustainable values that are the booster for upcoming decisions and your pathway.

Elements included:

Power of Sustainable Values

Space for You

Skills for Impact

Your Travel Companions

[What we will work with: Simply Impact Creativity Finder; Simply Sustainable

Value Matrix; Impact Journaling]

Chapter #3 - Sustainability 1x1

This module is not about how and where you can save Co2 emissions. You will rather develop your personal framework and decision-making compass for holistic, easy-to-implement sustainable actions. Here you will not learn how to save plastic – you will rather gain a solid standpoint to actively engage in discussions around sustainability. We will not only focus on going green but will provide you with a broadened perspective of what sustainability is in its entity with all its layers.

During this module, we will keep it (you guessed it) precise and simple – so that you can take action and not get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Elements included:

Collective Action Towards Impact

Perspectives on Sustainability

Journey of sustainability

Your Sustainable Action Portfolio

[What we will work with: Simply Impacts 4 Areas of Sustainability;

Sustainable Development Goal Finder]

Chapter #4 - Sustainable Career Purpose

You will feel aligned because the conflict between your personal sustainability ambitions and your career development will be resolved. You have all the boxes in place and have the power to decide who you want to become in the future. You can communicate what is driving you and how you want to make a purposeful impact in this world.

Elements included:

Sustainable Professional

Career Purpose

Future Impact Self

Your Impact Career Purpose

[What we will work with: IKIGAI for Impact; Simply Impact Spark Monitor; NLP Concept of Parts Integration; Guided NLP Meditation]

Chapter #5 - Sustainable Career Compass

Knowing your own positioning helps you to communicate sustainability as your USP. You will become clear on how your sustainable career will look like for you. You will have a clear vision of your guiding north star you’re working towards in your career, your big picture – making all of your next steps immensely more powerful.

Elements included:

Impact Position

Sustainer Career North-Star

Your Impact Circle

Challenge: What do you really want?

[What we will work with: Circle of Influence; Creative Context Analysis; Vision Building – visualization elements; Life Design]

Chapter #6 - Sustainable Career Roadmap

Now it is all about getting all your resources together to up-level and taking the next steps.

Having all the elements in place (vision, goals, resources, network) will now enable you to take aligned actions in a direction that is in line with your core interests. You are ready to make an impact.

Elements included:

Sustainable Travel Compass

Impactful Resources

Career Path Towards Impact

Your Sustainable Career Roadmap

[What we will work with: NLP SMART Goals; NLP Goal Setting Session; Your Impact Space]

Chapter #7 -Embodiment Sustainable Professional

You will become confident in your new sustainable identity. You clearly communicate who you are and who you will become, as well as what your next steps are. It is easier for you to step up and become visible as a sustainable professional.

You know where and how you want to and will make sustainable impact in your career!

Elements included:

Communicate Your Vision

Step Into the Next Chapter

Visibility for Impact

Your Sustainable Career Compass Journey

[What we will work with: Impact Pitch training; Visualization; Impact Contract; Life Design]

Underlying Foundation

You will be able to tackle challenging and unforeseen hurdles and situations more calmly.

You will be able to take action proactively and create the changes you want to see instead of reacting to outer circumstances. You know that taking care of yourself has a positive impact on the world around you. Because of that you will have strategies and resources in place that support you along the pathway of your sustainable career.

This is achievedby implementing the elements of mindset and empowerment as the underlying foundation into every element of the course. Aligning thinking and acting is a crucial skill that you will foster to sustain the impact your will create with your career.

It is a key goal for us to enable you to take continuous action and truly become a sustainable change agend for your own impact career. We are building on:

Sustainable Mindset

[NLP practices, Meditation, Visualization, Identity Pyramid, Breath-work]

Impact Empowerment

[Life Design Elements]

Check out the SCC Elements

Elements designed to up-level your sustainable impact!

7x weekly interactive 90-minute impact sessions - live with us

Every week we will take the time to deliver the core of the week’s course elements live in an interactive space. This will be a recorded live session where you have direct access to us and all your fellow impacters. Whenever you can’t make it to a session, you’ve got access to the live recording.

7x weekly 90 minute Q&A and community calls - live with us

Every week we will open up the space and answer all of your questions and talk through the learnings of the week together. This will be a recorded live session where you have direct access to us and all your fellow impacters. Whenever you can’t make it to a session, you’ve got access to the live recording.

VIP Access to Simply Impact course community and network

Far beyond the period of this course, you will have access to the community space behind Simply Impact. Simply Impact is a hub of international change-makers and as an impacter, in our course, we open our network for you.

Your Impact-Partner(s) a.k.a your accountability buddy (s)

Next to the weekly live sessions, you will work through well-crafted study materials at your own pace, and we know how valuable it is to have someone who is on the same path by your side as a support or accountability buddy. We are all on this journey together and you will be supported at all times.

Access to the recorded sessions

Every session and call that we deliver live will be available to you as a replay. So you can revisit the input we provided or catch up, in case you could not make it to a session.

VIP Impact Podcast +200 min of audio with high-level input

On 3 days during the week, you will receive 3 short Impact Podcast episodes of 6-12 minutes, crafted with your impact in mind. These small yet inspiring episodes contain additional and complementary input, insights, or mindset practices.

Daily easy to implement Action Impact Challenges

Common knowledge is not common practice. If we want to create a positive change it is always tied to taking action. So we will get into the habit of taking small, easy-to-do impact challenges every week. You receive a different task and challenge for everyday action, like this you’re building your impact on the go. This will be fun!

Valuable fun to work with worksheets for each week

The course elements of each week will be supported by worksheets that we personally designed for you! They are easy to follow along with and will provide you with the best possible results. They will be the perfect mixture between easy-to-digest input and creative space to explore.

24/7 access to our support e-mail

We told you we are here to support you – we mean it. You can 24/7 send us questions, work progress, or updates. We created a door that is always open for you if you want our feedback or anything alike, we will answer within 48h.

How we define Sustainability

What comes to mind when you think about sustainability?

Probably something in line with the messages that you are receiving from the media so far – right? Maybe something like: “Don’t use the car to often – better don’t fly to the next business meetup.” “Reduce your consumption of single use plastics.” Or “We need to massively reduce our carbon emissions to combat climate warming.” We all heard that before, haven’t we? So yes, this are all challenges that have their relevance. Important that we talk about it.

And yet, from our perspective here at Simply Impact, we would like to expand this perspective! In our opinion these examples represent just one side of sustainability. They are just one rose in one huge, colorful, and diverse flower bouquet. Having one rose does not make a flower bouquet – so, lets collect a wider range of flower and make our own bouquet – shall we?

But wait… where should we start? How can you define sustainability?

Well… the definition of sustainability is shaped by each and every one of us.

Sustainability likely means something different to us than to you - and that is good!

And maybe our ideas of sustainability are actually more similar than we think. Let’s see – here is how we understand sustainability at Simply Impact:

In our understanding there are four areas of sustainability which are all interconnected and have an effect on one another. We focus on the elements of social, ecological, economic, and individual sustainability.

We derive from the concept of the Triple Bottom Line AND extend it by one critical component. The link that combines the other layers and that shapes the world around us. (Any guess what that could be?)

Let’s take a look: What are we actually talking about?

Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability is often overlooked in the conversation, that’s why we put it first and emphasize to care about it. Is your social life intact, how is the interaction between you and your colleges or with your boss? Are you and the work you do valued the way they should be?

Economical Sustainability

The best job in the world is not sustainable when it can’t pay your bills. Therefore, the economical part is as important as all the other four. You got to make enough money to not live in stress or fear.

Ecological Sustainability

No one can talk about sustainability without looking at the resources he takes out of the „system earth“ in comparison to what he puts back into „system earth“. Our resources are finite and need to be treated as such. We consume way more than we can afford, wich is outright wrong and dangerous.

Personal Sustainability

How do you feel personally? Do you have enough time to take care of yourself and your body? How do you feel after a „normal“ day of work? If the only thing you anticipate after work is laying down on your sofa, it is hard to call your job sustainable.

Sustainability presumes that resources are finite, and should be used conservatively and wisely with a view to long-term priorities and consequences of the ways in which resources are used. In simplest terms, sustainability is about our children and our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them.

Simply Impacter Voices

We know that we can tell you a lot about the Sustainable Career Compass – but even better: Let our Simply Impacters share their experiences about the SCC Course.

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